~ Our Story ~

Once upon a time (in a kingdom not-so far away) there was KK.

Every day, you could find KK pretty happy.

But, when KK put on a not-so-comfy shirt, it wasn't pleasant (Yep, you've been there too, huh?)

Because of the not-so-comfy apparel, KK started wondering how to get more comfy.

KK wanted a comfy state of mind, too.

Desperate and with great curiosity, KK asked others and the courageous quest for comfy began. Some doubted. Others laughed. But, many cheered.

It was a perilous journey as KK looked all throughout the land (...and realized even the right road can be bumpy!).

Time and time again "What's comfy to you may not be comfy to me" was told to KK emphatically.

As the story goes, after scouring the hectic markets and seeking wisdom from others, KK began creating comfy --> but inspired <-- attire.

Our motto:  Wear your comfy where you're comfy.

The End. 

(...So there you have it...)

P.S. Now, who's ready to GET COMFY?